Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday May 31st

Great day at church today. Jamey Nettles did a great job preaching from Exodus, and as always Patrick and the band were awesome. Karlie is enjoying her small group of teens at church. Chloe and Kaleb told me that today they learned if you didn't have Jesus then your life is like a doughnut because you have a hole in the middle of your heart. That reminded me of when Karlie was little and we were at Capshaw Baptist. I used to get videos of The Doughnut Man and that was his theme song. When she was saved she told me that she didn't have a hole in the middle of her heart anymore. I am so glad she doesn't and the rest of our family doesn't!!! Now.....if we can remember what Jamey said this morning about not going where God doesn't go. In other words if God said he was going to give us everything we ever wanted but he wasn't going to go and be a part of it would we go. I hope we all would not. I hope our kids wouldn't choose to live that way. Thank goodness our church preaches that and hopefully Greg and I can live it!!

Okay.. I said this was going to be funny. Greg has decided that since summer is here he would set specific times for them to get a snack since they can eat junk all day. This is probably because Greg caught Chloe with a big jar of peanut butter and a spoon with her in her bed the other night. That girl is a mess!!! I can't think of anything really funny that Kaleb and karlie did today, but don't worry there will be a lot of stuff on here before u know it.

Well...please remember Rex Looney in your prayers tonight. He is having another heart cath tomorrow morning. Please remember our family as we leave EARLY in the morning to travel to Chattanooga to go to my granny's husband's funeral.

Good Night

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