Saturday, June 13, 2009

It Won't Be Like This For Long

We took Chloe to The Grand Ole Opry Tuesday night. I think she had a great time. I know Greg and I did. She loves country music and knows all the words to almost all songs. Sometimes when we are listening and I know a bad word is coming up I will sing over it a different word like heck for hell or deer for beer. The other day there was a song on and the words were "whiskey bent and hell bound." Chloe was trying to be a good girl and change the words so it wouldn't be as bad so she sang " beer bent and heck bound!' Bless her heart. Kaleb was running around the house the other day singing "save a horse, ride a cowboy!" I really had a hard time trying to tell him why he shouldn't sing it!!
Now Karlie on the other hand thinks we are terrible for singing and listening to country music. She is such a good girl and I often have to remind her that she is not their mother. There is a song (country music ) called It Won't Be Like This For Long. When I listen to it, I am reminded how I was told by so many people that "this baby stage" wouldn't last long. I thought "how long is long?" It seems likes yesterday that Karlie was born and Greg was telling my how much hair she had. I remember telling her the first time I held her that I would never spank her, never make her go to school and never make her wear a bra! haha. She had her spankings when she was little, she has made it through her first year of middle school and yes, she has to wear those thingies. It sure is hard watching her grow up and what sometimes feels" away" from me. I was thinking last night about how we took her to wal mart in Fort Payne once and I had the kid leash on her. It was on her wrist and I was holding the other end. I turned around and she had pulled it off her wrist and was walking around beside me. Once at the wal mart in Athens, she was singing The B I B L E that's NOT the book for me. AND...Jesus...don't love me, Jesus don't love me. I just about died!!! Then, two days ago we were at wal mart getting all her "Hygeine" and "undergarments" that I told her she never had to wear! She was getting ready to go to Maine for 3 weeks. I was in tears thinking what am I doing, and what happened to my leash and little wild child singing her songs?? She sure has grown up fast. But.....I am thankful that she has Jesus in her heart and she is a very independent (in a good way) young lady.
The night before she went to Maine the two of us were laying out on the deck looking up at the stars and trying to make letters with our legs. Mine would not bend of course as good as hers! ha. We were laughing, kissing, hugging each other and telling each other how much we loved each other!! I will always remember that night!! But... I realize it wont be like this for long. That is what is so hard. I was ready for the baby stage to come to an end so to speak but not for this stage to end. Makes me sad.
So....for 2 weeks she will be in Maine doing Mission work which makes me so proud of her. I will be going there in 2 weeks leaving Chloe and Kaleb for a week to serve with a team from our church and to work along side Karlie .She will be the pro by the time I get there. I hope I will be okay while she is gone. I will just have to remind myself it won't be like this for long!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And So I Go....Again!

Yep....another surgery. I guess that is my new hobby lately. I haven't had one in a while so I thought it was about time to have one. I had my right wrist carpel tunnel operated on a couple of years ago so i thought it was time to have my left one done. I need to have it now so I can direct traffic in a couple of months. I guess this is what happens after you turn 30. It seems like once I hit 30 that is all I have done is have kids and have all kinds of surgeries. Well, the good thing is I really like to be put to sleep and I love pain medicine. I could probably be an addict, but since I have a fear of God and I am not supposed to be of this world, I choose not to be an addict!! haha.
My kids are used to me having surgery I think. One day, we were driving down Governor's drive and Kaleb said "look mama, there is your heart center," then Chloe said "and there is the bone doctor" Then I said, "yeah, and that little building right there is where your mama gets her big toes operated on!" So.... I guess that is why my kids didn't think it strange when we had to ship them off tonight because we have to leave early in the morning. They are used to it. Unfortunately!!
And so I go......Again!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday May 31st

Great day at church today. Jamey Nettles did a great job preaching from Exodus, and as always Patrick and the band were awesome. Karlie is enjoying her small group of teens at church. Chloe and Kaleb told me that today they learned if you didn't have Jesus then your life is like a doughnut because you have a hole in the middle of your heart. That reminded me of when Karlie was little and we were at Capshaw Baptist. I used to get videos of The Doughnut Man and that was his theme song. When she was saved she told me that she didn't have a hole in the middle of her heart anymore. I am so glad she doesn't and the rest of our family doesn't!!! Now.....if we can remember what Jamey said this morning about not going where God doesn't go. In other words if God said he was going to give us everything we ever wanted but he wasn't going to go and be a part of it would we go. I hope we all would not. I hope our kids wouldn't choose to live that way. Thank goodness our church preaches that and hopefully Greg and I can live it!!

Okay.. I said this was going to be funny. Greg has decided that since summer is here he would set specific times for them to get a snack since they can eat junk all day. This is probably because Greg caught Chloe with a big jar of peanut butter and a spoon with her in her bed the other night. That girl is a mess!!! I can't think of anything really funny that Kaleb and karlie did today, but don't worry there will be a lot of stuff on here before u know it.

Well...please remember Rex Looney in your prayers tonight. He is having another heart cath tomorrow morning. Please remember our family as we leave EARLY in the morning to travel to Chattanooga to go to my granny's husband's funeral.

Good Night

Saturday, May 30, 2009

In The Begining

Okay....Greg thought of the title!! Since I am an ISS teacher AND a crossing guard, he thought this would be appropriate. I will try not to rant too much about either one really because I love being both!!!! Especially a crossing guard!!!. I see some funny things while I am standing in the middle of the road. Sometimes I smell some strange smells I haven't smelled since high school!! Yeah... u guessed it. POT!!!! How can people drive and smoke pot at the same time. Well, I hope they are at least driving well when they pass me. I saw a guy the other day brushing his teeth. That was a new one. I'm gonna give him a hard time about that since I know him. I've been whistled at, cussed at, told have a nice day, told thanks for protecting our children and even a "get the ...out of the ...road." I think it is funny when teachers are running late and they cross the middle line a little with their car hoping I see them so I will let them through. OF course I do then point to my watch and laugh. I hate I missed the last day of school due to a stomach bug. I am going to miss directing traffic the next 2 months. I really thank God for giving me this job. It is hard to believe that I absolutely love directing traffic. Who would have thought. Plus...financially we really love it.
Now......As for my ISS job. I love it also. Most of my repeat offenders have a story. It is sad to learn what some of their stories are. I think some people think I am not hard enough on them. Why beat them why they are down. True...some need a good butt whipping and I tell them that too. Some just need to know someone cares. Don't get me wrong. I get onto them and yell when I have to. I need a new door on my portable. I think I slammed it to many times and it is warped. Now, I have to kick it to get it open. I haven't slammed it in a while though. We really had a good group of kids this year. And no... I do not wear my police uniform when i am at school!!
My most important job and most enjoyable job, now that my kids are older, is being a mom. I will probably use this blog to write mostly about their funny stories and how much Greg and I love them. They are really good kids and I am proud to say that they all have asked Jesus Christ to live in their heart. I have prayed that they would all three do this at a young age and he answered my prayer.
So...... since school is out finally (thank God) I will write about our family, and what God is doing in my life. Now....if you would like some serious spirtual blogging you may go to She is an awesome teacher and you will get a lot of spiritual insight from reading her blog. We are friends so I hereby approve her blog! As for my blog....well, hopefully you will get a lot of laughs and maybe a little spiritual insight from me as well. Maybe.