Saturday, May 30, 2009

In The Begining

Okay....Greg thought of the title!! Since I am an ISS teacher AND a crossing guard, he thought this would be appropriate. I will try not to rant too much about either one really because I love being both!!!! Especially a crossing guard!!!. I see some funny things while I am standing in the middle of the road. Sometimes I smell some strange smells I haven't smelled since high school!! Yeah... u guessed it. POT!!!! How can people drive and smoke pot at the same time. Well, I hope they are at least driving well when they pass me. I saw a guy the other day brushing his teeth. That was a new one. I'm gonna give him a hard time about that since I know him. I've been whistled at, cussed at, told have a nice day, told thanks for protecting our children and even a "get the ...out of the ...road." I think it is funny when teachers are running late and they cross the middle line a little with their car hoping I see them so I will let them through. OF course I do then point to my watch and laugh. I hate I missed the last day of school due to a stomach bug. I am going to miss directing traffic the next 2 months. I really thank God for giving me this job. It is hard to believe that I absolutely love directing traffic. Who would have thought. Plus...financially we really love it.
Now......As for my ISS job. I love it also. Most of my repeat offenders have a story. It is sad to learn what some of their stories are. I think some people think I am not hard enough on them. Why beat them why they are down. True...some need a good butt whipping and I tell them that too. Some just need to know someone cares. Don't get me wrong. I get onto them and yell when I have to. I need a new door on my portable. I think I slammed it to many times and it is warped. Now, I have to kick it to get it open. I haven't slammed it in a while though. We really had a good group of kids this year. And no... I do not wear my police uniform when i am at school!!
My most important job and most enjoyable job, now that my kids are older, is being a mom. I will probably use this blog to write mostly about their funny stories and how much Greg and I love them. They are really good kids and I am proud to say that they all have asked Jesus Christ to live in their heart. I have prayed that they would all three do this at a young age and he answered my prayer.
So...... since school is out finally (thank God) I will write about our family, and what God is doing in my life. Now....if you would like some serious spirtual blogging you may go to She is an awesome teacher and you will get a lot of spiritual insight from reading her blog. We are friends so I hereby approve her blog! As for my blog....well, hopefully you will get a lot of laughs and maybe a little spiritual insight from me as well. Maybe.


  1. Love the title. I have never heard "PoPo" in real life... only on "Cops," which is one of my all-time favorite shows. :)

  2. I could hear you speaking every word! Made me smile...Love it.

  3. Love the title! Looking forward to following your rants :-)